Pumpkinseed Chainstitch Bertha Jackets

These unisex Levi's denim trucker jackets were hand dyed by myself, and then sent to the amazingly talented Pumpkinseed Chainstitch to each be chainstitched embroidered with Bertha across the full back of each one. 

Only 3 were made, one each in sizes M, L, XL. 



Pumpkinseed Chainstitch creates custom embroidery hand-cranked on a 1930s Singer machine. The non-digitized process creates a one-of-a-kind piece. Ready-made patches, custom work, on-garment embroidery available. 

Chainstitch is a sewing and embroidery technique in which a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern. The earliest sewing machines used the chainstitch. There is a deep-rooted history of chainstitch  embroidery being used to embellish clothing dating back to 3rd century China and evolving into modern machine chainstitch embellishment examples like the 1960’s western-style clothing of Nashville country music stars.

Pumpkinseed Chainstitch was started in 2018. After doing hand embroidery and other crafts for over 10 years, I became enchanted with the creative possibilities of a chainstitch embroidery machine. After acquiring one of the rare machines, my focus has been creating unique designs based on themes that excite me and through a collaborative design process with clients desiring custom designs.


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