Studio Services

Please reach out to us at with any inquiries about our Services.   

Our Services Include:

Tie-Dye: Can dye any natural materials. (Cotton, Hemp, Tencel, Rayon) Bulk pricing starts at 50 Pieces. 

  • Bulk Wholesale Tie-Dye 
  • Custom Tie-Dye T-Shirt 
  • Custom Tie-Dye Hoodie 
  • Custom Tie-Dye Socks
  • Custom Tie-Dye Hat 
  • Custom Tie-Dye Bag 
  • Custom Tie-Dye Jacket 
  • Custom Tie-Dye Apron 
  • Multiple Dye Style Techniques (Scrunch, Spiral, Geode, Reverse Dye, Sunburst, Vert/Horizontal, Heart, Rainbow, Mandala, etc.)

Screen Printing: Single Color Printing. Bulk rates start at 50 Pieces. 

  • Custom T-Shirt Printing
  • Custom Hoodie Printing
  • Custom Bag Printing
  • Custom Jacket Printing
  • Custom Apron Printing
  • Custom Uniform Printing
  • Bulk Wholesale Screen Printing

    Design Services:

    • Custom Design Creation
    • Logo Design and Printing
    • Graphic Design Services

    Event Services:

    • Dyeing Technique Consultation
    • Event T-Shirt Printing
    • Custom Event Merchandise
    • On-Site Screen Printing and Tie-Dye Services

    Consultation Services:

    • Screen Printing and Tie-Dye Technique Advice
    • Fabric and Color Selection Advice
    • Business and Marketing Strategy Consultation